Dry Macular Degeneration Treatment

Dry Macular Degeneration Treatment

Bemer Treatment

This machine is designed to help people who have health issues including cancer patients.  It's premise is to use electromagnetic signals which helps to strengthen one's organs, muscles, and immune system.  This treatment helps to treat.  These are natural signals that are generated by something as simple as exercise or general movement.  If people remain sedentary, the proper signals are not being produced to help keep the body as healthy as possible.  The tissues are not receiving the optimum amount of oxygen, and this can lead to illnesses.

The machine helps increase the electromagnetic signals in the body and build up energy.  This ensures the cells in your body function as required and does not lead to abnormalities.

Benefits of Bemer Treatment:

    • Helps to improve circulation in the eye & entire body
    • Targets cells by reproducing the natural reaction a body has to the electromagnetic signals around it
    • Helps to increase oxygen saturation

Microstem Treatment

Microcurrent Stimulation helps stimulate energy production (ATP) in the retina, improve circulation & reduce waste build-up.

Treatment Helps:

  • Re-stimulate and energize dormant retinal cells (cells are like batteries -- when they run low in energy, they become sluggish and dorment)
  • Boost the cells' ability to rid themselves of waste products which interferes with the flow of energy, nutrients, and communication
  • Increase blood supply to the area stimulated.  By increasing blood flow to the area, cells and tissues still living can get nourished and refreshed